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Extending museum visit to the city

The Finnish architecture museum presents the most interesting old and new architectural pieces in the city. Whereas the museum exhibition halls can only contain photos, drawings and miniatures of the pieces, the exhibitions naturally continue outside in the city, where the actual buildings are located. The museum wanted to include geofencing to their official app to enable visitors to continue exploring the Finnish architecture even after their visit. With a beacon installation within the premises, the museum is able to recognize which buildings the visitor has already seen in the miniature format.



Automatic check-in at workplaces

The concept of “workplace” in many sectors does not mean a tall office building, but a location that is changed multiple times a day. Numerous jobs require the employees daily to move around in the city to carry out tasks – examples of these are the plumbing, security, elderly care and cleaning sectors.

This is a case study of one company called Alppilan Kiinteistöhuolto that operates in the building maintenance field. They had encountered a problem about keeping up-to-date with their employees’ whereabouts and the tasks carried out by them. They wanted to solve this issue with an automatic solution, and beacons provided the perfect answer.

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Keeping track of items

Telinekymppi is a Finnish company focusing on scaffolding rental and installation. It is one of the biggest names in the field in Finland, with over 280.000 m2 of state-of-art scaffolding.

On top of the larger high-quality installations, Telinekymppi equipment also includes some smaller items, such as pallet wagons, which have a tendency to get easily misplaced. These pallet wagons do not even get stolen – they are just accidentally moved to another corner of the site or even another construction site by the same company, and then forgotten. Telinekymppi has solved this problem with some durable outdoors beacons and a signature Telinekymppi app with framework that is spread to Telinekymppi staff and contractors, construction site managers and all the other key persons in the supply chain.


Collecting visitor analytics at events

Arctic15 is a two-day startup conference event, organized in Helsinki, Finland. During the two days – from June 2nd to 3rd 2016, in Helsinki, the numbers from Arctic15 were amazing: more than 1500 attendees, with 75 speakers, more than 200 investors, 400 startups, 100 corporations and 3500 meetings. How to collect actionable data about the people flow inside the venue?

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Creating a push campaign

Send different messages to different geofences

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Send info to external source

You can easily connect data to external URLs and services

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