Maria01 coworking space

Maria 01 is the Nordics’ largest startup campus with over 1500+ members. The office complex is located in a former hospital building and spans over 6 buildings and 20 000 sqm. It was founded in 2016, and is the home of over 170 startups and 22 venture capital firms and investors.

As the campus is located in a former hospital dating from the 1800s, finding one’s way around is a hassle. In addition to the members that are based at Maria o1, the campus hosts frequently events and international visitor groups, making easy navigation on-site crucial.


The venue was onboarded to the interactive floorplan base, based on the architectural PDF floorplans. An integration between the backend and the OfficeRnD system in use at Maria 01 was realized to lower the maintenace load. If the tenant of any of the rooms is changed in the OfficeRnD system, the information automatically updates to the map.

In order for Maria 01 residents to have easy access to the map, it was integrated into the Maria 01 portal and mobile applications in use at the site.

Full case study PDF:


Interactive map at Maria 01
Interactive map and search at Maria 01
Interactive map at Maria 01
Interactive map and wayfinding at Maria 01


Gif of wayfinding at Maria 01