Interactive indoor maps

Visualize your indoor or outdoor venue with a sleek, scalable multi-floor floor plan. Add your Points of Interests with custom icons.  All changes you implement on the easy-to-use web portal are immediately updated to your app and visible for your users.

Navigate on mobile and web

Add in your route network, elevators and staircases for multi-floor routing. The service includes navigation across multiple floors of a building and even from outdoor to indoor. Connect with our seamlessly indoor positioning for accurate indoor positioning or use our simple dropdown search box for selecting starting location.



  • Techology-agnostic realtime indoor positioning
  • Seamless indoor-outdoor movement
  • Efficient multi-floor routing
  • Exact navigation in elevators, staircases and escalators
  • Point of Interest management
  • Area and venue management
  • Support through UI helpers (see below)
  • Management on-the-fly: set-up within 30 minutes

Building a full-fledged navigation app including distance calculation
Combinable with other features: geofences, analytics, etc.

Indoor Wayfinding
Indoor Wayfinding


  • Adding maps and floor plans easily to your application
  • Raster and vector-based floor plans
  • 3D-visualizations in floor plans

Getting exact maps for managing your venues and Points of Interest
Support through our readymade libraries for a smooth work load on our platform

Readymade libraries for all you want to visualize in the app or website

Indoor navigation in action



KEKO Wayfinder

Tawar Mall