Award-winning technology for location and navigation for malls is the first unified positioning platform that combines all malls’ mobile positioning needs under one umbrella. With the flexible technology, you can guide your visitors step-by-step throughout their journey at your mall – both indoors and outdoors.¬† Be in a theme park, amusement park, zoo, botanical garden, national park, aquarium or other attraction, technology allows you to understand your visitor’s behaviour and direct them towards safer and preferred routes at your premises.

The platform integrates to your mall’s existing mobile application in record time through readymade libraries.

area covered with technology
visitor location data points recorded daily

Functionality included in the platform:

Display your park’s offering through tailored, interactive 2D or 3D maps. Read more.

Outdoor and indoor positioning through a combination of GPS and Bluetooth beacon information. Superb accuracy and battery-efficiency. Read more.

Manage people flow at your mall: guide your visitors to the shortest, most accessible or most valuable routes in the area. Read more.

Audience insights
Gain detailed information on where people move, what they are searching for and what are your peak times and bottlenecks. Make sure no maximum limitations are surpassed through real-time view. Read more.

Reach your shoppers through targeted real-time communication. Read more.

Benefit for malls

Improve visitor experience
Optimize people flow
Real-time insights on visitor behaviour

shopping and entertainment complex

The Tawar Mall in Doha, Qatar, is the first smart shopping center in the country.

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