Gaining Mobile Location Analytics and data about the visitor flow in the venue can be possible through proximity platform.

Through the lightweight SDK, you can gain insights on where your app users are moving.

On the analytics page, all events taking place through the platform are registered and displayed to you. In addition to information regarding most popular places and favored days, the platform generates a heat map about the relative popularity of different indoor and outdoor areas covered by your solution.

Privacy is an important aspect to us, and therefore we do not collect any MAC addresses or advertising IDs about your end users. The SDK generates a random visitor ID; therefore, the device collects updates under the same random ID. You will be able to see their device type and language, and also some technical information about the device. Analytics are also available through REST API.


Tags are a way of adding more contextual meaning to your places, departments or geofences and will be attached to those visitors, who are passing by the area attaching the tag. Through tags, you will be able to derive more meaningful analytics, and also build more targeted action flows. You can add as many tags as you want, according to what naming principle works best for your use case.

Examples of tags:

  • women’s clothing/children’s clothing
  • grocery store/sports/furniture
  • museum/theatre
  • airport/bus station/train station
  • Wahlgreens/Tesco/Coop
  • ad campaign spring


Gather Data