Award-winning technology for location and navigation for Smart Offices is the first unified positioning platform that combines all mobile positioning under one umbrella to be easily deployed at Smart Offices. With the flexible technology, you can build a real-time indoor positioning system you can help your staff to find their way around your office, automate check-in/check-out functionality, build integrations to intelligent building management and get analytics on how your venue is used throughout the day.

The platform integrates to your Smart Office solution in record time through readymade libraries.

area covered with technology
visitor location data points recorded daily

Functionality included in the platform:

Floor plan visualization
Display your office floor plans through interactive 2D or 3D maps. Read more.

Indoor positioning through a combination of GPS, Bluetooth beacon and inertial sensor information. Superb accuracy and battery-efficiency. Read more.

Save staff time by providing step-by-step navigation. Read more.

Office usage insights
Gain detailed information on how your office is used and what are your peak times and bottlenecks.  Read more.

Benefit for Smart Office solutions

Ubiquitous positioning
Optimize people flow
Real-time insights on visitor behaviour

Empathic Building – a turnkey solution for Smart Offices

Employee-centric Smart Office solution provided by Haltian.

  • Find your workstation
  • Find your colleagues
  • Find your room
  • Find your atmosphere
  • Create service tickets
Empathic Building website

Experience in real life


Co-working space

See positioning and Empathic Building solution in action at Wonderland Helsinki. It consists of a co-working space, private offices, meeting rooms and an event space. Empathic Building solution helps the 300 members keep track of what is happening at the venue and find their way around.

Looking for an Indoor Positioning System to your Smart Office solution?

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