All the geofences you need is a developer platform that makes connecting your app to the physical world child’s play. We don’t limit you by size or shape – or even amount. So, go crazy and fence the whole world. Our geofences function both outdoors or indoors – also in connection with Bluetooth beacons.







Or this – whatever it’s called

With all of the technologies function with the same logic. In other words, you can simply draw a geofence anywhere you need – indoors and outdoors, and as a result, our SDK will figure out what technologies it will utilize to trigger it. To clarify, Geofences are used to define special areas in the real world, that you are particularly interested in. Moreover, Geofences can be used simply for registering how many app users enter a specific area, or for triggering content inside the mobile or externally. Also, geofences can be any size or shape, and added with simple drawing an area on top of a map view.

Used by companies of all sizes and shapes:




Alppila Maintenance

Loved by developers is not a marketing platform, but built with developers in mind. Therefore, we’ve taken care of all the heavy lifting, so you can focus on building awesome apps. For example, build integrations to other APIs on the portal, or use our REST APIs to build your own solution on top of our platform. So, anything you see on our portal is also accessible through the APIs.

Battery-efficient SDK automatic power saving features minimize the battery drainage.

Background functionality

Best-in-market level background functionality for positioning and geofencing on both Android and iOS.

Offline mode

Our SDKs include a cache for temporary lack of online connection. Especially useful for tourists and underground installations.

Lightweight cloud-based soltuion means that your SDK won’t be bloated by the installation. The size of the SDK is only a couple of MB.

Manage on-the-fly

Integrate to your own app in less than 30 minutes. After that, all the rest of the changes take place on the web portal with visual tools. As a result, any change you make will be automatically updated to all of your app users’ devices. On the portal, you will also be able to access detailed analytics and heatmaps about where your app users have been moving.

Tech specs:

  • Minimum geofences size: based on setup, 5m diameter recommended
  • Maximum geofence size: unlimited
  • Circle and polygon shapes
  • Indoor and outdoor geofences
  • Overlapping geofences: supported
  • Geofences on multiple floors: supported
  • Background functionality: supported (limited for polygons)
  • Offline geofences: supported (for registering events)
  • Handling of 1 000 000s of geofences
  • Geofiltering on the SDK to ensure minimum load on device
  • Import: manual drawing or through REST API

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