Daimler / Mercedes-Benz wanted to encourage the use of new mobility services and boost brick-and-mortar retailers. For that purpose, they developed a fresh mobility project, Urbanic. Urbanic is an iOS mobile application that lets you discover experiences in order to find your personal best spots for shopping, dining and enjoying life in your city and on travels. The Urbanic app visualizes all the cities coolest partner restaurants, shops and clubs on a map and when entering these locations, you can collect Owlies, loyalty points, for these visits. The Owlies can be further used for you mobility needs, like taking a ride around the city.

Urbanic was rolled out to 92 small, independent brick-and-mortar retailers and restaurants in Berlin and Ljubljana. The Urbanic app uses Proximi.io’s geofencing and positioning for the automatic check-ins for loyalty points and for telling the users that there are some Owlies to collect nearby your current location. Proximi.io geofencing detects when user is about 2 blocks away from a participating location. The user then receives a notification that encourages them to visit the place. When entering the location, the visit is recorded by Proximi.io platform, and the correct owlies are delivered to user.

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