Setar is a telecommunications provider in Aruba providing internet and mobile phone services. To manage your mobile phone usage and other metrics, they have developed the Setar app, so that users can view up-to-date account information (e.g. total minutes/data available for use).

Setar is also driving for innovation and digital transformation with a new Store Experience for their customers. The Setar app plays a big role in providing the users a modern way to experience shopping. Together with the platform, the Setar app can position the users inside a store with the accuracy of 1-3m, providing new type of services for the customer. The customers can check-in for their service automatically upon arriving to the store, they will be informed about que times and status of service in store and they can explore the Setar store with reactive experiences in the App itself. If you are ever in Aruba, check out their stores with the App:

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