is a unique compound SDK that gathers together all the major accurate mobile indoor and outdoor positioning technologies under one umbrella. Therefore, you get simple access to the widest variety of accurate indoor and outdoor positioning technologies with our libraries. If there are multiple position sources available at your location, the technologies will work seamlessly together. Also, our SDK will always be able to determine the most accurate signal, and return your exact position. This also applies for beacons, which we have built our own trilateration logic for.

Tech specs:

  • Indoor accuracy: 1-2 metres
  • Outdoor accuracy: native limitations
  • Background functionality
  • Battery consumption: moderate
  • First position fix: within seconds
  • Returned position: GIS coordinates.





WGS84 coordinates

Smooth indoor-outdoor transitions.
Possibility of utilizing together with other map solutions.

Background functionality

Advanced functionality for keeping the app alive and positioning accurate also in the background

Privacy zones

Define areas where your app users are or are not visible. For example zone off toilets and staff rest areas or limit the positioning only to happen inside the office.

Secure data processing

Data processing in a GDPR-compliant manner. All data stored in our secure databases within the EU or USA (as preferred by you).

See the positioning in action:



Deutsches Museum

Empathic Building smart office solution

Empathic Building