When we were described Deutsches Museum for the first time, we were told that it is almost a small town. Deutsches Museum is the world’s largest museum of science and technology. Located on a little island with 28 000+ square meters of exhibition rooms, it is a must-visit on the list of visitors from near and far alike. During its recent renovation the museum took the technology leap and offers all visitors now to be guided by a mobile app with Proximi.ios state-of-art positioning.


The museum with 28 000 exhibits attracts 1,5 million visitors every year. Guiding visitors through the enormous complex and highlighting important exhibits to them at the right time is no easy task. The integration of our high accuracy positioning algorithm in the visitor app allows to locate visitors also in the trickiest of areas of the museum, and inform them about interesting exhibits near them.


  • High accuracy positioning from 500 beacons in all exhibition areas
  • Positioning connected to the floorplan and mobile application developed for the museum
  • Enhancement of the visitor experience through better wayfinding and engagement options

The mobile application is developed by Fluxguide. Fluxguide develops new possibilities for museum interpretation and visitor services worldwide.


Indoor positioning in action at the Deutsches Museum
Indoor positioning in action at the Deutsches Museum