Satasairaala is a 26 000m2 polyclinic complex at the Finnish west-coast. The modern hospital launched a mobile application allowing patients to easier interact with the hospital services. To make the patient experience as smooth as possible from the first visit, the hospital implemented high-accuracy indoor navigation solution in the hospital mobile app. The navigation takes patients right to their appointments through turn-by-turn navigation. The solution is currently deployed as a pilot in selected areas of the hospital.


Satasairaala is a typical hospital complex with many departments, with separate waiting halls and receptions across multiple buildings. Many patients experience wayfinding at the hospital as stressful and frequently rely on route guidance from staff members. indoor navigation solution takes patients safely and quickly to their desired destination.


  • Interactive digital map, tailored to the hospital’s brand
  • Indoor positioning covering a pilot area of 3 floors, multiple buildings
  • Users are located with 1-5m accuracy
  • Turn-by-turn navigation hints pop up as user advances on their route
  • Navigation instructions in Finnish

The mobile application is developed by creative technology agency Aline.


Indoor navigation in use at Satasairaala hospital