Interactive indoor maps of a mall, displayed on a mobile device and a computer screen

Easily generate and maintain interactive maps of your venue

Visualize your venue with sharp, 3D or 2D styled floorplans. indoor maps are vector-based, which means that they scale smoothly when zoomed in or displayed on larger screens. Colours and icons can be tailored to your brand. The building is displayed on top of the city-wide map, allowing you to visualize multiple buildings on the same map (Open Street Maps).

Intelligent routing, adjustable on-the-go routing algorithm calculates the ideal route from point A to point B. Routes can cover both indoor and outdoor areas, and connect multiple buildings to each other. Route setup and Points of Interests can be managed through the Management Portal with an easy click-and-drag tool in a manner of minutes. Changes are synched to end user devices in real-time.

Search with autocomplete

 Category filtering

 Multi-floor routing

 Accessible routing options

 Routing through open areas

 Closest parking spot

 Distance in meters and minutes

 Uni-directional paths

 Paths with opening times

 Enable and disable parts of the setup

 Partial offline support through caching

 Real-time analytics

Works across all devices

Integrate the indoor maps to your website or mobile application or display on a wayfinding kiosk. Move between different screens through deep-linked QR codes. Use our readymade mobile-optimized map project as your base or integrate from scratch using our libraries. Read more on our documentation for Android, iOS and web.

Indoor maps of a mall visualized on different screen sizes ranging from mobile to big screens

Connect to real-time positioning is based on GPS coordinates (WGDS-84), which allows you to utilize GPS positioning and indoor positioning with the interactive maps. PUtilize the following options for positioning data:

  • GPS positioning
  • Indoor positioning through Apple Maps / Google Maps
  • Location derived from a QR code
Mobile applications:
  • GPS positioning
  • Indoor positioning through Apple Maps / Google Maps
  • indoor positioning
More on indoor positioning
Indoor maps with indoor positioning

Customers using indoor maps

Maria01 coworking space

Maria 01

Kalasatama Health Centre from outside

Kalasatama Health Center

Tawar Mall