• 300,958 sqm area
  • 91,000 sqm of leasable retail space
  • Partically open since December 2017
  • Shops and restaurants
  • 60 new concepts & specialty stores
  • Including a hotel, cinema & old souq area
  • One of the largest shopping venues in the country
  • First smart shopping centre in Qatar


Wayfinding solution

  • Any item in the shopping mall can be found though the map search: shops, restaurants, toilets, ATMs, entrances, brands and even specific items
  • It is even possible to save the information where you parked your car into the application, and then search for the route back to your car.
  • Routes can be edited on-the-fly on the cloud portal, so that as more of the shopping centre is opened, more Points of Interest and routes can be added
  • Proximi.io platform calculates the shortest path across multiple floors through staircases, elevators and escalators from users’ current location


  • Rezuwan Hussein says:

    Hi There,

    do you have outdoor wayfinding solution ?

    • Hi,
      Depends a bit on what you are looking for:
      – You can create your own route networks indoors and outdoors that are then used to calculate the fastest route to destination
      – If you want to connect your indoor routes to all the routes available in the city, you can connect your routes to Open Street Map route information that covers almost all cities globally
      – However, if you only want to use outdoor routing on existing routes, I would recommend checking out Google Maps or Mapbox offering.

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