Female walking with mobile wayfinding application in hand, following blue lights.

Maria01 is the largest start up campus in the Nordic countries. In 2021 we implemented our wayfinding solution into the well-rounded KEKO Wayfinder mobile app. The solution was developed in close cooperation with high-ranking tech companies Nokia, Kone and other members of the KEKO consortium. In the project, Proximi.io also pioneered a novelty hands-free smart light guidance feature making wayfinding a fun and accessible experience.

Maria01 -campus is a former hospital built in the 19th century. The campus spreads over 5 buildings and a big outdoor area. Every day, office tenants have to manage a complicated maze of corridors and buildings on their hunt for available coworking, meeting and event spaces. The Keko Wayfinder app with Proximi.io’s positioning and wayfinding features fully solves this issue.


  • Novelty feature: smart light guidance
  • High accuracy positioning across buildings
  • Visually attractive digital map
  • Also old buildings can be turned smart: regardless of sturdy walls and unconventionally high ceilings
  • Great analytics for the venue about how their tenants use the venue