Moominworld is a theme park dedicated to beloved Moomin characters. It is located in Naantali, Finland, on an 100 000 sqm island. The park includes a theatre, varous attractions and activities, and multiple food and beverage options. The park is a popular visitor attraction among Finns and international tourists, and welcomes around 250 000 visitors annually.

Venue wanted a way to showcase everything on offer at the park and for helping the visitors to find the attractions. The park also has Moomin characters walking around the area, whose real-time location they wanted to show on top of the map.

Positioning with a combination of GPS positioning and 25 Bluetooth beacons scattered around the park area. Installation was carried out in half a day. Moomin characters walking around the area carry a GPS tracker on them. The data coming from the trackers is displayed on top of the map, so that visitors can see where their favourite characters are moving and go visit them.

The map was integrated into Moominworld mobile application, which also e.g. shows the different events going on in the park and allows users to purchase food through their mobile.



Project was developed together with Powered by Yonoton platform. Yonoton is a versatile digital SaaS platform for digital ordering and purchases.