Energylandia is the largest amusement park in Poland, with 1,8M annual visitors. The park has 6 different zones and over 120 attractions. In total, the park spans over 70 hectares. In 2021, Energylandia was listed as one of Google’s TOP 10 most searched tourist attractions in Europe alongside the Eiffel Tower, and the Colosseum.

Energylandia wanted their new mobile application to include a map that helps visitors to grasp the large park. The core of the application was to allow users to navigate from their current position to the attractions, events, cafeterias and pubs. As the app was developed in ReactNative, compatibility with the framework was crucial.


Energylandia utilizes map and wayfinding SDKs integrtaed into the park’s own app. Energylandia already had a beautiful map illustration of the site, that was converted into map tiles by team. The tiles, along with the Point of Interests and pathways were onboarded to the portal. The park’s app development partner, Skygate, then took over, and integrated the solution to the Energylandia mobile application with ReactNative SDKs.

The map utilizes GSP location information, so no installations were required at the park. Users can see thei real-time location as they move, and get wayfinding instructions to the different attractions and services available at the park.


  • During the first summer season, the wayfinding was used over 170 000 times.
  • During the most popular days, over 6 000 wayfinding requests were generated.
  • Total 171 884 wayfinding requests during the summer.
  • 34 635 unique visitors using the wayfinding
  • 4,96 searches per user on average

Full case study PDF:


Interactive map at Energylandia
Interactive map at Energylandia amusement park
Wayfinding at Energylandia amusement park
Wayfinding at Energylandia