Humanizing intelligent buildings – Top picks from Junction 2017

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Junction,, is the biggest hackathon in Europe. This year the event gathered together 1500 hackers from 96 nationalities under one roof in Espoo, Finland between 24th -26th  November. These hackers – consisting of students, hobbyists and young professionals, competed over who builds the best solution for a real-world problem posed by corporations. The winner of the whole contest took home a whopping 20 000€ cheque, which encouraged the teams to push for their best. However, the most important thing at Junction is to learn new things, play with cool technology, meet new people, and have a great time.

We were very happy to participate in the event as a co-sponsor with Kone, Kone, the second biggest elevator manufacturer in the world, has been traditionally linked with massive machines – elevators, escalators and electric gates. During the last years their focus is turning more and more into software, and outside of the elevator. Instead of the short moment spent moving between floors, they are aiming to improve the entire duration of the stay in the building, turning it into intelligent people flows. As indoor positioning has a very natural link to this, they invited the team to help hackers solve the problems Kone is hoping to solve. The questions could be summarized:

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In addition to Slush, another exciting point in early December was Ultrahack, the ultra-long hackathon tournament. The hackathon consists of multiple  pre-events, and culminated at the main event hosted in Helsinki, Finland. From the pre-events and through direct applications, 100 top teams had been selected to come in for the weekend. As a special feature of this hackathon, the teams were allowed to continue on working on projects that they had started earlier. All teams, however, developed at least substantial amount of new features during the event, if not a completely new project. Read More @ Junction hackathon

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What a busy December it has been! Let’s roll back a couple of weeks, to the first week of December, the the Slush week. In order to get the most out of the fact that all of Europe’s techies are arriving to Helsinki for Slush, not one but two massive hackathons were hosted during the same weekend. also wanted to get the most out of this opportunity and be present in both of them.

First we are going to cover Junction, a student hackathon that is part of Major League Hacking. It was hosted at the Old  Harbour building, where an incredible 1300 participants fit nicely in. The hakacthon consisted of ten tracks hosted by giants enterprises from different fields, such as Supercell and Zalando. Read More

Proximity Hackathon results are out!

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The Proximity Hackathon, organized over the summer months by Ionic and has now ended. The online hackathon that challenged participants to create projects that utilized both location intelligence and the Ionic framework was a great success.

A total of four projects were submitted tot he competition. All of the projects were really interesting and carefully conducted. Two winners were selected in two categories: Judges’ favourite and Audience favourite. The audience got really involved with the voting – a total of 2103 votes were cast.

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AEC Hackathon placeholder

AEC Hackathon 3.2: @BIMforAll and New AEC Medium

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Last weekend from June 3rd to June 5th, our Proximi team had the honor to join a talented and passionate community in the second AEC Hackathon in Helsinki. Many ideas were hatched in mere few days, which was fascinating to watch.

One remarkable hack that caught our attention was from team @BIMforAll, as we have mentioned in our most recent blog post about the event. The hack, although still only a prototype, signified budding changes in the AEC industry. In its prototype form, the hack allows users to post tweets and immediately edit BIMs.  Read More at KONE Hackathon

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KONE Hackathon took place on March 11th – 13th, and we were on there to provide our solution to contestants. This was the 10th annual hackathon organized by KONE, which calls for a celebration on its own. The hackathon was focused on elevators and the People Flow experience, as in how people navigate in and out the building, and across the floors. kone1 Read More

How would you hack an elevator?

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Forget about smart light bulbs or Internet-connected coffee machines. Imagine, if you had access to an entire elevator and could use it in you projects however you want.

You can. The world-known elevator and escalator manufacturer KONE is changing the gear in the IoT industry by arranging a hackathon that opens their People Flow API to hackers. The event is held 11th – 13th March 2016 in Hyvinkää, Finland. During the weekend, participants will have access to a test environment with real elevators and electric gates, where to test their wildest ideas in real life. The hackathon challenges include enhancing the end-user experience, creating tools for facility managers and maintenance or creating your own solution.

kone_peopleflow Photo Copyright © KONE Corporation Read More