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UNIFIED ACCESS TO ALL MOBILE POSITIONING is a developer platform offering you all the positioning technologies and all features in a simple solution. Enable outdoor and indoor positioning in your app through iBeacon, Eddystone beacons, IndoorAtlas geomagnetic positioning, Wi-Fi, GPS and cellular positioning. is truly technology-agnostic, and committed to supporting all of the major positioning technologies. In other words, you’ll be safe with us – no matter what technologies you want to use today or tomorrow. Add geofencing with top market quality background functionality for indoor or outdoor spaces. And top it all with wayfinding and location-based analytics.

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Unlimited use cases

Intelligent staff management

Digitalized Store Experience

Collecting loyalty points automatically

Location-Based Fuel Discounts

Automatic check-ins at Gyms

Mall navigation

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Happy City
Pint Please!
Arctic15 Conference

Manage on-the-fly

Integrate to your own app in less than 30 minutes. After that, all the rest of the changes take place on the web portal with visual tools. Any change you make will be automatically updated to all of your app users’ devices. On the portal, you will also be able to access detailed analytics and heatmaps about where your app users have been moving.

Loved by developers is not a marketing platform, but built with developers in mind. We’ve taken care of all the heavy lifting, so you can focus on building awesome apps. Build integrations to other APIs on the portal, or use our REST APIs to build your own solution on top of our platform. Anything you see on our portal is also accessible through the APIs.

Battery-efficient SDK automatic power saving features minimize the battery drainage.

Background functionality

Best-in-market level background functionality for positioning and geofencing on both Android and iOS.

Offline mode

Our SDKs include a cache for temporary lack of online connection. Especially useful for tourists and underground installations.

Lightweight cloud-based soltuion means that your SDK won’t be bloated by the installation. The size of the SDK is only a couple of MB.

All the major platforms

Boost your mobile apps with our native Android and iOS SDKs and Cordova plugin.

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