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Unified SDK and API to positioning, geofencing and triggering










Get access to all of your favourite positioning technologies through a single API: IndoorAtlas, iBeacon, Eddystone beacons, Wi-Fi, GPS and cellular positioning. Use just one – or all of them in combination. All technologies function with the same geofencing logic both indoors and ooutdoors. is truly technology-agnostic, and committed to supporting all of the major positioning technologies. In other words, you’ll be safe with us – no matter what technologies you want to use today or tomorrow.

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Rich action flows

Much more than push – our action flow editor allows you to do complex location-based intelligence with simply drag-and-dropping ready-made code bits. Add rules and switches, integrate to 3rd party APIs, connect to social media, automate IoT devices…

How it works

Unlimited use cases

Maps with real-time positioning

Maps with real-time positioning

Location-based notifications

Location-based notifications

Automatic check-in

Automatic check-in

Asset tracking

Asset tracking

Connect to digital screens

Connect to digital screens

Gather data

Gather data

Manage on-the-fly

Once you have connected to your app, all the rest of the changes take place in the portal with visual tools. Any change you make will be automatically updated to all of your app users’ devices. On the portal, you will also be able to access detailed analytics and heatmaps about where your app users have been moving.

Management portal

Fast Integration

Handle all of your location-related features through one SDK. Integrate in 30 minutes, and handle rest of the logic through the web portal.


Handling up to 100 000s of geofences. Geo-filtering of geofences to manage the load on the device.


Enable & disable position technologies on the fly without re-submitting to App and Play Store. Start with GPS and add beacons later.

Save battery

We have different profiles for different situations; our power saving features minimize the battery drainage.

Background functionality

Best-in-market level background functionality on both Android and iOS.

API & Integrations

Our REST API and Action Flow editor enables you to connect with almost any third party systems available.

All the major platforms

Boost your mobile apps with our native Android and iOS SDKs, Ionic / Cordova plugin.

Android, iOS, Ionic and Cordova