Launches Support for Eddystone™ Format

Some weeks back Google announced Eddystone™, its open source Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon format. The new format is designed to help businesses work with beacons and provide location-based content straight to users smartphones, even without a mobile application. Open Beta has been running for a while and we’ve received numerous requests to support the new Eddystone™ Beacon format from Google.

Today we’re happy to announce that Proximity Platform now fully supports the Eddystone™ Beacon Format.

You can also mix & match Eddystone™ beacons with iBeacon & IndoorAtlas installations using our platform.


Eddystone™ Beacons, like the ones from, brodcast so called telemetry data (Eddystone-TLM) which means that we’re able to pick sensory data. At the moment TLM data includes Advertising PDU, Battery Voltage, Beacon Temperature and Uptime from the beacon.


Eddystone™ Beacons can leverage all the same features that iBeacons can in the Proximity Platform. This includes delivering content, gathering analytics & insights and also complex automation & integrations. On top of that you can also have some extra features based on Eddystone-TLM data.


Maybe one of the most exiting facts about Eddystone™ is that the new frame type called Eddystone-URL can broadcast an URL instead of UUID. URLs, emitted by objects and devices are the backbone of the Physical Web which is another project from Google. Instead of broadcasting UUID’s that are only recognised by certain apps, the Eddystone-URL frame type broadcasts information that can be natively picked up by a phone, even if it doesn’t have your app installed.

Eddystone URL format is not supported by platform.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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