New US server cluster

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Start of 2019, we setup a new server cluster located in the US region. This server cluster can be manually assigned to be used by customers that wish to have their data stored in the US and want all services running through it. All new and existing accounts are still automatically & by default running through the EU-server cluster as they have been before. We are not mixing things up; these two databases are totally separate entities and no data is being mixed between them.

If you are looking to use the new US cluster, it holds two main benefits: fastness of service in low latency and data storage separation from the EU region.

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Indoor navigation in complex buildings – EXCLUSIVE sneak peek

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Around 3 months ago we announced the big update – our technology-agnostic indoor-outdoor wayfinding was released as a private beta.  We were overwhelmed by the interest towards the feature (we got on front page of Product Hunt!), and got a selection of excellent venues and developers as beta testers. For the rest of you, who have not experienced the tools yet first hand, we complied this update to summarize all the goodness that is going to be included in our wayfinding and maps layer that is going the be released officially early next year.

Take a sneak peek into the tools through this 5min video (text continues below):

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New hires Kalle & Jenni!

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Dear blog readers,

I hope your summer is going as well as ours! Our regular blog readers are most likely aware that started to look for our next new talents in the end of May. We were happy to see a great amount of amazing and interesting applications, thank you for those who applied!

This post will provide you the results of our exciting recruitment. We are more than happy to write and share our very first blog post here with our new hires and tell you a bit more about them. So Kalle and Jenni, welcome to!

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But what was “VIVA Technology Startup Connect”?

Last week Paris witnessed its first ever ‘VIVA Technology Startup Connect’ which aimed at bringing together nearly 5000 startups with top investors, aspiring to promote their business prospects and take a leap in the future. The atmosphere was electrifying and venue was filled with enthusiastic entrepreneurs with great love, vision and passion for the new generation technology. Read More

New updates for July 2016

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New features for July 2016!

Since our new feature announcement last month, we have been working hard on this month’s new updates within the portal and SDK. We now gladly announce that this month’s new features include:

  • Improved iOS trilateration accuracy.
  • Improved event determination and dwell time calculation.
  • List of anonymous visitors. Ability to see all anonymous visitors on the dashboard (no need to trigger events anymore).
    Note that this is only anonymous visitors that were detected by the system, not the current visitors.
  • Improved path visualization.

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New analytics features released

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After a successful launch at CeBIT & SXSW, we’re now introducing a new feature package, mostly for analytics functionality. Our latest web portal now includes the following new features:

  • Customer paths;
  • Dwell times (integrated with the customer paths graph and with the dashboard events table);
  • Floor filtering for overall analytics;
  • Histogram time slider to the heatmap views;
  • Beacon support in geofence creating process;
  • New tools for floor plan editing.


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Greetings from sunny Austin, Texas!

We are proud to announce today the official release of at CeBIT, Hannover and SXSW, Austin, Texas. Read the official press release below.

—– software brings order into the chaos of indoor navigation

Finnish is launching the World’s first unified platform for all positioning technologies

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