wins Travelers & Advertising next interaction Award

We are thrilled to announce our victory at the VivaTechnology conference in Paris at the Mediatransports challenge! More info below in the press release.


VivaTechnology conference, Paris, France 30.06.2016

Mobile positioning platform won the “Travelers & Advertising next interaction Award” in Paris at the VivaTechnology conference. The competition was hosted by Mediatransports, the leading transport advertising agency in France. Mediatransports advertising territory includes 100 000 advertising faces in the Ile-de-France transit (Bus, Subway, RER, Tramway), and in 50 major urban areas in regions with the bus and in the subways of Marseille, Toulouse and Rennes. The main price in the competition was a partnership with Mediatransports, and a pilot for a marketing campaign that utilizes the winner’s technology and the Mediatransport digital screens.

”We are thrilled about this opportunity to showcase what location intelligence and our platform can offer to the advertising field”, comments CEO and co-founder Annina Koskiola. “In practice, our platform enables you to form a connection between digital signage and the mobile device of a passer-by. That means that consumers can interact with the advertising, or receive offers also on their mobile phone.” is a unified positioning platform that brings together all the major mobile location technologies under one API. The platform enables developers to create rich location-based actions, including features such as mobile marketing and integrations to Internet of Things devices. is based in Helsinki, Finland.

VivaTechnology is the leading event focusing on startups and innovation. It brings together 5000 startups and notable French and international enterprises, such as Carrefour, Cisco, LVMH and RATP Group. Altogether 30 000 visitors are expected at the event.