• Miguel Sa says:


    This is an interesting use case but have you tried taking it one step further? Would it be possible to use BLE beacons at gas stations for mobile payments? Would these beacons be precise enough to know exactly in which of the pumps I am in?

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    • Hi,
      That’s a great idea! Beacons could be definitely used for recognizing which pump you are standing next to. With the right placement and configuration, the accuracy will be sufficient for that. Based on your location being detected by the gas pump, there could be a notification send to your phone, asking you to confirm the payment. They payment could be even fully automatic, but for security purposes I would go with the pre-confirmation 🙂


    • Hi Miguel, do you have experience on using BLE beacons for close range proximity geolocation. Please contact me in case you do at francesc.ribas@gasport.es

      Francesc Ribas
      CEO & Founder
      Gasport – Best fuel prices and exclusive promotions nearby

  • Thanks for your suggestionm,
    we have it in the product roadmap. We implemented an MVP to test the interest for payments in Spain Gas Stations and we discovered that people are more interested on getting discounts than on automating payments. Nevertheless, as mobile payments get mainstream we want to give them another try using the technologies you mention.
    Francesc Ribas
    CEO & Founder
    Gasport – best fuel prices and exclusive promotions nearby

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