is a horizontal developer platform that can be applied across a wide range of use cases. With you can create services and processed that are localized, personalized and automatized. With our scalable pricing model, the platform can be applied from school projects and startups to large industrial settings.





Digital Advertising

Social Networking



Location-Based Advertising

Be there when it really matters

Create your own unique campaigns with our node-RED actions editor. Find the spots that nobody has used before like offering insurance on a sky diving cliff. What else?

  • Re-target users when you choose
  • Fully tailorable content
  • Free segmentation

There are countless logic’s that can be applied to when and how you can send push notifications and advertise to your users. Only the sky is the limit for what we can make happen (almost literally, its hard get an exact position of the user when they are in the sky or space).

Enterprise solutions

Making the physical workplaces smarter

Workplaces and locations are places that workers spend a lot of their times. Be it a big office complex rushing from meeting to meeting or fixing radiators at different apartments. The workplace could use intelligence and a touch of IoT to optimize workflows and space usage. Here is a good example of how to make workplaces smarter:

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Loyalty programmes

Makes being loyal easy

Adding the most precious features of the app with positioning automation making the users life easier and the app more valuable for them. This can mean shifting the coffee card to a virtual one, and adding geofencing, so that it automatically reminds there is a card to use. Or on the other hand you can reward the user for being long enough at your location, it’s up to you!

User Insights

Understand your customers and their preferences through proximity. We all know how much people spend time on their mobile phones and how hard it is to engage with them. Knowing the customer is step number one.

Visitors, Visits and Loyalty

This allow you to be aware of the traffic your physical location has by tracking how many people come and go. We also calculate how many unique visitors there are and how often the same people visit. Based on this information you can then make valuable observations of your customers!

Dwell Times

We calculate when the user enters a place, and when they exit. This means we calculate dwell times, telling you how long your customers stay.

Heat maps

Know what hip and what’s not! Our platform shows the summary of all the users’ position as a visual map. Discover popular places and optimize your campaigns in real-time so you are at the right place at the right time.

Customizability and external CMS

Pretty much everything can be customized; segment the data by geofence, time, date and user specifically! All the data can be easily exported and further analyzed. We also allow linking user data to your own CMS to complete the user profiles.

DOwnload Case Study

Indoor positioning and Wayfinding

Making buildings smarter

Now you can have all the functionality of positioning, seamlessly working indoors to outdoors. Know the user position inside and guide them to where ever they need to go. Find more details about indoor wayfinding:

Indoor Wayfinding
Want to discuss how may be applied to your field or use case? Contact our sales,, and we’ll be happy to exhange ideas with you!