Part 3.2. Estimote Beacons

This post will guide you through the whole process after you’ve received your estimote beacons. We’ll look into estimote registration and finally importing the beacon fleet using Web Portal.

If you haven’t ordered any estimote beacons yet, you can do that by clicking HERE. supports all the estimote beacon models.

We also recommend you to check out the previous articles in this tutorial series to get all the basic things done before importing any beacons.

Please note: Even though it’s possible to add beacons into our platform manually or using the management applications, it’s highly recommended that you use the import tool in the web portal to add the beacons.

Step 1. Creating a Estimote account

You can create your free Estimote account from the following url:

Provide your email, set your password and then click on Create Estimote Account. You will get the confirmation email to your registered email id. Your account is now created.  Goto Profile, complete your information and then click save changes.

Step 2. Adding beacons to your Estimote account

After you’ve registered and logged in, go to “Beacons” section and then click “activate it here”. Please note that you need your estimote’s activation code for adding the beacons under your account. You can find the activation code inside the box that has the beacons. Enter the activation code and click “Activate Beacons”. All beacon information will be displayed after that.

Step 3. Inspecting the results at Estimote portal

As your beacons arrive, they already have some pre-configured settings. After you’ve added the beacons under your estimote account, you can see what those settings are, change their broadcasting values etc. When you change any of the settings at the estimote web portal, they’re applied to the beacons when you login to your estimote mobile management app (given that you’re nearby the beacons).

Step 4. Import the beacon fleet to Web Portal

After you’ve confirmed that you have all your beacons added under your estimote account, you can proceed and import the beacon fleet to your account.

Obtaining the Estimote App Id and Token

You need the estimote App ID and App Token to perform the import. You can obtain these values from your estimote web portal, select “Apps” from the left panel and then under “Your Apps” click show details. Copy the App ID and App Token to your clipboard.


Importing the beacons

Login to the Web Portal and head down to the Manage Inputs -> Import Inputs section -> Estimote Available Inputs. Paste your Estimote App ID and Estimote App token in the respective field and click “Connect”.

Next step is to import the selected beacons by clicking “Import” link at the right side of the table.

Finally, you need to choose a department for the beacon and place it in it’s real-world physical location on top of the map layer by clicking next. After this step you’re ready and good to go! Add some geofences, action flows and enjoy the results.

If you’re experiencing any issues or have questions regarding the Estimote beacon import, please contact our support and we’ll help you out.

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