Part 3. BLE Beacons

Any hardware used for positioning, including Eddystone and iBeacon becons, is called Inputs in the ecosystem. Prerequisite to adding beacons is that you have already added a Place, Floor and Department.

You can add your beacons in 3 different ways:

  1. Through typing in the beacon information on the portal
    Covered below
  2. Through API integration with the most popular vendors
    Part 3.1. Beacons
    Part 3.2. Estimote Beacons
    Part 3.3. Sensoro Beacons
    Part 3.4. Gimbal Beacons 
  3. Through the Management app
    Part 3.5. Other Beacons 


1. Adding Inputs

Required data for adding inputs depends on the input type; iBeacon has it’s own required fields UUID, major and minor, while Eddystone has namespace and instance ID’s. You can find these info’s from your beacon provider management console / application.

add_beaconClick Next to drag & drop the input to the right real-life location. We use this location to calculate the position estimate of the visitor. add_beacon2

2. BLE beacons &

There are a few things about the platform that makes it unique, both in the terms of what makes it especially good for managing beacons, and in terms of what is important to realize.

  • Mix beacons with other positioning technologies platform not only allows you to mix beacons of different manufacturers or iBeacon and Eddystone standards, but you can also combine them with different technologies. Quite frequently used combination is BLE beacons with native positioning, which allows you to add functionality both indoors and outdoors.

  • Trilateration

The SDKs use beacon’s absolute position to locate the visitor when there’s only one beacon added to the venue; when there’s more than one beacon nearby, our SDKs use trilateration and various filtering techniques to calculate the visitor’s exact position. If you want to take advantage of the trilateration feature, make  sure to add your beacons under the same department! All beacons under the same department will be used for the trilateration. Also make sure that the beacons are close enough to each other! Signals must partly overlap for the calculation to become effective.




  • Geofences

You must also use geofences with beacons, if you want to use them through the intelligence. More of that in the chapter about geofencing.

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