Part 9. Integrating to your own app

To integrate to your own app

Now that you are ready with your setup, We do warmly recommend testing it out with our Management Applications, to ensure that everything is working well regarding your setup. Once you are happy with the result, go ahead and integrate our platform to your application!

For each framework we have both an SDK file, and a base app that can be used as the starting point for app development.

Note: Integration into your own app is not included in the free trial. Upgrade to a paid plan to gain access to your tokens.

In the paid plans, you’ll find your auth token on the portal under “Manage Application”. There are two seperate token types and the default token to use is the Mobile token, but there are some rare cases where using the other token is also applicapble. Here is a rundown of which token to use:

Master token and Mobile Token


Master token

Master token is the key to all of your account’s features. The Master token will grant access to all objects and all operations (CREATE, READ, UPDATE and DELETE). This is especially meant to be used when doing REST API calls with our endpoints. We strongly advise you to use this token with care and only use it in the mobile app when it is detrimental to the functionalities of the app.

There can only be one master token and this token cannot be deleted or changed. If you believe the master token has ended up in the wrong hands, please inform us immediately and we will change it for you.


Mobile token

On the mobile side we have made some precautionary security measures to prevent your master token ending up in the wrong hands. With the mobile token you get access to all objects with limited operations. If this token ends up to the wrong people, they don’t have the ability to delete and create any crucial elements of your setup.

With the Mobile token you READ for core objects like places, geofences etc. and READ & WRITE for position updates and event. This token is recommended to be used within mobile applications when using our SDK.This applies when you are integrating our SDK into your own application, when you are asked to provide our auth_token, you should use the Mobile token for this matter. More information can he found here: (

NOTICE! There are exceptions to using the Mobile token in apps. In use cases where the app requires functionalities like CREATING and DELETING objects within the app, you would need to use the Master token.

You can create multiple Mobile tokens to with different setups and they can be changed and deleted, if needed.

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  • Carlo Oldani says:

    Good Morning,

    I would like to thank You for the truly detailed explanation of your system, I have downloaded the backend part of software and I’m asking to myself those 2 question: the web part, if will self hosted on a computer that haven’t connection on internet but work just on internal network can run without any problem? basically the need here is to distribute some static beacon as reference point and some other (this is my thought) on 2 moveable machinery so to give back to worker a sort of alert when 2 machine enter each other in the same field of action. (this is one application). Second usage is to place one beacon on each fire extinguisher item, we have about 45 portable fire extinguisher and associate to this geolocalization another software with manage beacon+epaper tag so to keep update periodical examination of the condition of the fire extinguisher. items are distribute over 2000 square meter of building. for reaching this goal, I need also to use internal atlas services, I’m a worker of this company and I usually manage the IT software etc. so I need also to ask You how much does it cost this kind of implementation and also asking to myself for reduce expenses if can be suitable using a CAD map of the building … eventually just for replying to our security manager, can be actuable an emergency function so to show the shortest way to safe against an emergency condition? BR regards and sorry for my English

    • Hi Carlo, thank you for your interest! Both the web portal and your mobile application need to be connected to the internet, to be able to manage and use your setup. The use cases you describe are something that could be achieved, but would require you to develop a mobile application used by the staff of the company, that could be used for tracking the location of the moving items in the background. I will email you with some more details on this.

  • Andreas says:

    thanks for the detailed instructions. So is it possible to only use the indoor tracking Data that your application supplies and use it in my own application? And for testing, is it possible to send the tracking data with you application to a PC? What I would like to do is using the position of a person in a room (like x/y coordinates) to trigger some events in another software running on my computer and later on I would like to combine it in a app that works on smartphones.

    • Kalle says:

      You can use all the data gathered from your account, even if you use out management application or if you have integrated the SDK to your own app. All that data is gathered to your account which then can be used for analysis. If you have developed your own app with our SDK in it, you can have the app send that data to your own CMS. The other option is to pull the relevant data from our API’s to your own PC. Our main API’s can be found here:

      If you want to use the mobile apps position to trigger actions based on its location, you should use our geofencing feature. There you can draw areas outdoors or indoors to determine when you want to trigger events. With geofencing you can have the app send the trigger information to another system to alert when someone entered a geofence. Or you can have the app show for example a push notification once the smart phone goes inside a geofence. More information on how to utilize geofences can be found here:

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