Testing with Proximi.io Management App

Proximi.io Management app is available for iOS and Android devices.  The main purpose of the management app is for quickly to test how the actions and analytics work, and to see how your indoor positioning setup functions. You can also use the management app to add places, import beacons and so forth, but that is not the optimal way. It is best to finalize your setup on your computer, and use the management app just for testing.

Testing your setup

Download the management app, and login with your Proximi.io credentials.

Map Demo: By default, you will be in Map demo. If you have not added any places, floors, department or geofence, your Map demo will be empty.  If you have already added them through the webportal, Map Demo will show your current position as blue dot along with the geofence in red circles and the inputs(beacons) that were added as shown below. Note: floor plan is only visible in the Android Management App, not in iOS.

You can notice that when you move around the place with your mobile device that has the management app running, you could see the blue dot also moving accordingly.



Triggering events: Events will be automatically triggered, when you walk inside and outside of geofences, while you have the management app running. Walk around and see new events popping up on your portal dashboard.

Push notifications: Like our SDK, the management app has a built-in push feature. If you have added an action flow with a push function, you’ll be able to see the notifications pushed through the management app.


Once you are happy with your testing, proceed to integrating Proximi.io to your own app.