Proximi.io is a unique compound SDK that gathers together all the major mobile positioning technologies under one umbrella. With our libraries, you get simple access to the widest variety of indoor and outdoor positioning technologies. If there are multiple position sources available at your location, the technologies will work seamlessly togeher. Our SDK will always be able to determine the most accurate signal, and return your exact position. This also applies for beacons, which we have built our own trilateration logic for.

Tech specs:

  • Indoor accuracy: 1-2 metres
  • Outdoor accuracy: native limitations
  • Background functionality
  • Battery consumption: moderate
  • First position fix: within seconds
  • Returned position: GIS coordinates






See the positioning in action:


All of the technologies function with the same logic. In other words, you can simply draw a geofence anywhere you need – indoors and outdoors, and our SDK will figure out what technologies it will utilize to trigger it. Geofences are used to define special areas in the real world, that you are particularly interested in. Geofences can be used simply for registering how many app users enter a specific area, or for triggering content inside the mobile or externally. Geofences can be any size or shape, and added with simple drawing an area on top of a mp view.

Tech specs:

  • Minimum geofences size: based on setup, 5m diameter recommended
  • Maximum geofence size: unlimited
  • Circle and polygon shapes
  • Indoor and outdoor geofences
  • Overlapping geofences: supported
  • Geofences on multiple floors: supported
  • Background functionality: supported (limited for polygons)
  • Offline geofences: supported (for registering events)
  • Handling of 1 000 000s of geofences
  • Geofiltering on the SDK to ensure minimum load on device
  • Import: manual drawing or through REST API

Action Flows

Action flows are a beloved feature of Proximi.io that allow for unpreceded flexibility for how to utilize the position data. Based on the Open Source project, NodeRED, enter or exit events triggered by the platform can be set to trigger entire chains of actions. Just drag-and-drop the pieces you need, connect them together and deploy. The best part is that the flow is running on the cloud, which means that you can edit it whenever necessary. We also have a library of existing code snippets for e.g. push messages, sending info to an external websites and changing content on 2nd screen.

Tech specs:

  • Based on NodeRED
  • Language: JavaScript
  • Data format: standard JSON
  • One-click deployment
  • Library of existing nodes and flows
  • Running in the cloud

Analytics is a pro feature, available from Guru plan onwards.


All events taking place through the platform are registered and displayed to you on the analytics page. In addition to information about most popular places and days, the platform generates a heat map about the relative popularity of different indoor and outdoor areas covered by your solution.

Privacy is an important aspect to us, and therefore we do not collect any MAC addresses or advertising IDs about your end users. The SDK generates a random visitor ID, under which updates about that device are collected. You will see their device type and language, and some technical information about the device. Analytics are also available through REST API.


Tags are a way of adding more contextual meaning to your places, departments or geofences. Tags will be attached to those visitors, who are passing by the area that has the tag attached. Through tags, you will be able to derive more meaningful analytics, and also build more targeted action flows. You can add as many tags as you want, according to what naming principle works best for your use case.

Examples of tags:

  • women/men/children
  • grocery store/sports/furniture
  • museum/theatre
  • airport/bus station/train station
  • Wahlgreens/Tesco/Coop
  • ad campaign spring