The “Advanced Action Flows” tutorial series


The action flow editor is one of the most awesome features that our proximity portal offers. Its intuitive click-and-drag UI to create flows eases up the process – so that with only basic JavaScript knowledge, you can set up complex reactions to location-based events.

In this extensive tutorial series, we hope to provide some practical examples and to walk you through the nodes’ usage in our action flow editor.

For more in-depth guides, please refer to the official Node-RED documentations.

To integrate to your own app

Now that you are ready with your setup, We do warmly recommend testing it out with our Management Applications, to ensure that everything is working well regarding your setup. Once you are happy with the result, go ahead and integrate our platform to your application!

For each framework we have both an SDK file, and a base app that can be used as the starting point for app development.

Note: You’ll find your auth token on the portal under “Manage Application”.

Important: Even though this flow works in theory, in practice this type of usage is currently blocked by most email providers. We cannot help with issues relating to using this flow.
This tutorial will guide you through the process on how to define a action flow to send email to an user when there is an enter event to a defined geofence. This could come in handy when you want to be notified whenever an valuable customer enters your shop, restaurant or any other social gathering. We are going to have two geofences one defined at the entrance of the shop and one at the exit door. In this example, the geofences are called: Entrance Geofence and Exit Geofence.  (more…)